We have implemented the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recommended protocol to reduce the spread of the virus. In the event of a confirmed case of coronavirus, stores are trained to take the following steps:

  • Making sure the diagnosed associate is no longer in the workplace.
  • Notifying colleagues who may have been in close contact with the affected associate.
  • Implementing deep cleaning procedures including sanitizing all workspaces used by the associate and common areas including high-touch areas throughout the store.
  • Placing plexiglass shields by registers to provide a measure of protection to our associates and customers.

What our stores are doing to prevent the spread of the virus.
Our stores undergo daily deep cleaning procedures that follow the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recommended protocols as well as our own enhanced environmental cleaning and disinfecting guidelines. In addition, the store’s food contact surfaces are cleaned and sanitized regularly and the store follows a routine of frequent, thorough cleaning of public areas, restrooms, and high-touch places such as conveyor belts, credit card keypads and shopping carts. All associates are trained to follow industry recommended hygiene protocols that include regular hand washing. We have also adopted in store safety measures to help protect both our customers and associates. We closely follow all state mandates and CDC guidelines, and as new recommendations are shared, we’re doing our best to adapt and respond to the changing circumstances.

Our stores follow a notification protocol when an associate is diagnosed with COVID-19.
Our stores follow a notification protocol when an associate is diagnosed with COVID-19. When an associate has a confirmed case of COVID-19, our protocol requires us to notify our local department of health. We will follow their direction and guidance regarding public notification. We then notify all of the store associates that a colleague has been diagnosed.

We cannot divulge which department an associate diagnosed with COVID-19 works in.
No, we cannot. Federal law prohibits the disclosure of personal health information, so we are unable to release the name of the associate, the department in which they work, or any information about the associate’s health status to the public. When we become aware of an associate with a confirmed case, we will work with the local department of health and follow their guidance which may include notification to the public. Any associate who has a confirmed case of COVID-19 cannot return to work until they have been cleared by their healthcare provider to do so.